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Ask For Free Seo Report

Ask For Free Seo Report

Ask For Free Seo Report

Ask For Free Seo Report

 Setup Fee (One Time Only) USD 99 USD 199 USD 299 USD 399
 Monthly Subscription N/A USD 299 USD 499 USD 999
 Six Months Subscription Pricing N/A USD 1,794 USD 1,794 USD 5,994
 Minimum Six months Subscription Required for this packages

 Keyword Optimization
 No. of Keywords Optimized N/A 20 40 80
 First Page Guarantee Keyword¬† Organic  Ranking N/A 12 24 48
 SEO Planning & Analysis
 SEO Discovery
 Initial Placement Analysis
 Keyword Analysis
 Competition Analysis
 Incoming Links Report
 Search Engine Saturation Summary
 Keyword Profile
 External Link Quality Report
 Keyword Optimization Consultation
 Website Internal Optimization
 Content Suggestion Report
 Website Design Structure Enhancement
 Content Optimization Enhancements
 Meta Tag Adjustments
 Spider Friendly Navigation Enhancements
 Source Code Audit
Site Map Audit
 Robot.txt Validation
 Blog Setup, Customization & Optimization
 Website Reporting & Analytics
 Website Analytics Consultation
 Analytic Reporting Performance  Enhancements
 Keyword Conversion Monitoring
 Off Page Optimization (Quarterly)
 Directory Submissions (Report Included) N/A 2000 4000 5000
 Social Bookmarking Submissions (Report  Included) N/A 200 400 900
 One Way Link Building (Report Included) N/A 60 120 250
 Contextual Link Building (Report Included) N/A 40 80 300
 Forum Marketing (Report Included) N/A 20 40 120
 Article Distribution (Report Included) N/A 1x100 2x200 4x200
 Press Release Submissions (Report  Included) N/A 1x70 3x70 5x70
 Local Search Engine Optimization (Bonus)
 Local Organic Search Engine Optimization  Set-up N/A
 Local Organic SEO Submissions (Google,  Yahoo, MSN Local, etc.) N/A
 Work Reporting
 Weekly N/A
 Fortnightly N/A
 Monthly N/A
 Monthly Con-Call to discuss progress N/A N/A
 Social Media Optimization
 Social Media Optimization N/A N/A
 Geo-Social Targeting Research N/A N/A
 Strategically Presence on Top Social Media   Websites N/A N/A 15 Profiles 30 Profiles
 Social Media Submissions N/A N/A
 Website URL''s Submission N/A N/A
 Blog URL''s Submission N/A N/A
 Video URL''s Submission N/A N/A 15 Profiles 30 Profiles
 Press Releases URL''s Submission N/A N/A
 Blog N/A N/A
 Create Blogs on different blogging service  website N/A N/A
 Keyword oriented Blog Articles posted on  blogs N/A N/A 5 Articles 10 Articles
 RSS Feeds of News/Content N/A N/A
 Forum Posting N/A N/A 50 Posts 100 Posts
 Video Optimization N/A N/A
 Creation of Video N/A N/A 1 Video 2 Video
 You Tube, Metacafe, Google N/A N/A
 Total Submission of Videos N/A N/A 15 40
 Personalized Teleconsultation
 Website Designing Consultation N/A N/A
 Online Branding Consultation N/A N/A
 Latest SEO N/A N/A
 Monthly Con-Call to discuss progress N/A N/A
Ask For Free Seo Report

Ask For Free Seo Report

Ask For Free Seo Report

Ask For Free Seo Report


Terms & Conditions of Our SEO Packages:

  1. No SEO specialist can offer Guarantee of Getting Your Website Top 10 Ranked on any major search engine for your desired keywords. But we have a high degree of confidence that a top 10 or 20 ranking is attainable, if not top 5 or better, in one or more of the target search engine(s) with relevant keywords.

  2. In order to achieve results and meet our goals faster, we need you to supply fresh content every month.

  3. No time to create your own content? We can provide these essentials under affordable SEO pricing: please ask for pricing. We guarantee you that all links to your site are from websites of PR 1-8.

  4. It is up to your web team if you will follow our On-Site-Optimization recommendations for your website.

  5. If you want our web team to take action or provide the On-Site-Optimization for your site.

  6. Remember that all the links we create during your campaign will continually increase in Page Rank (PR).

  7. In some instances, submissions may take between 7-60 days before they are approved.

  8. We must have the necessary FTP access to your website server in order to optimize your website unless otherwise negotiated. Adjustments are nominal and rarely noticeable and we will work as a team to maintain your original content.

  9. Any of the following actions will void our guarantee:
    1. Any website downtime of 5 days or more
    2. If our optimization changes are removed, overwritten, or deleted.
    3. You make substantial changes to your website without discussing these changes with us beforehand.

  10. If your pages are light in text content (less than about 200 visible words per page), you will need to provide additional relevant content for the purpose of enhancing SEO ranking.