Check the vulnerabilities and potential risks of your system with Gray Box testing.

Gray Box test empowers business processes and the underlying SOA layered architecture to better test SOA solutions. It provides a full system inspection from a developer as well as a user perspective.

Let’s understand the advantages of Gray Box testing.

  • Combined benefits: It leverages the strengths of both Black Box testing and White Box testing.
  • Non-Intrusive: It does not require any access to source code or binaries.
  • Intelligent testing: With even limited information, a Gray Box tester can author intelligent test scenarios around data type handling, communication protocols, and exception handling.
  • Unbiased testing: The demarcation between tester and developer is maintained.

Do you know any system defect has some cost?

We always have to pay in a way or other for those defects. Let’s understand the costs that bother us most:

  • Cost to prevent the defect
  • Cost to discover the defect
  • Cost to report the defect
  • Cost to resolve the defect

With implementation of Gray Box testing, we can greatly reduce the overall cost of system defects and can prevent further defects passing into the testing stage. We intend to explore different Gray Box testing techniques and deploy the most suitable one into your project to achieve the desired results at economic rate.

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