Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

February 16, 2016 at 9:29 am
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The Kingdom Hearts franchise has become quite popular because it’s a mix of Disney’s most popular characters. You will be immersed in a particular Disney character’s world as learn more about each one of them (including the villains).

Now, most of the Kingdom Hearts games were released on Playstation consoles which mean that game developers were able to tap the console’s powers to give a visually appealing game for the masses.

Who would’ve thought that Square Enix, the game’s developer, actually released a Nintendo Gameboy Advance version of the game?

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is one of the Kingdom Hearts games that have deviated from the Playstation consoles. The story of this game is an intermediary to the previous Kingdom Hearts games released on the Playstation 2.

The story revolves around Sora, the same protagonist featured in the first Kingdom Hearts games. Sora and his pals, Goofy and Donald Duck were in search of King Mickey and Riku. They find themselves towards the Caste of Oblivion.

What’s special about this castle is that whenever they traverse further down, they will lose all of their old memories, but they also create new ones as well.

Inside the castle are creatures that will oppose Sora and his advance. These creatures are known as the “Organization” and they will thwart Sora in his quest to save King Mickey.

Upon progressing through the castle, Sora creates a new memory wherein he will meet an organization member that goes by the name Larxene. Larxene tells Sora that Namine is being held captive inside the castle.

Upon investigating who Namine was, Sora found that Namine was actually a childhood friend of his.

At one point in the game, Namine was released by the lord of the castle named Marluxia. Namine was to meet up with Sora and tell him that she was the one manipulating Sora’s memories.

Namine was originally controlled by Marluxia but was able to break free from her grasp. She then helped Sora and company (including King Mickey) to escape the castle via escape pods. This, in turn, will also help Sora and his friends gain their memories back but at the cost of erasing any memories gained from the castle.

Before leaving, Namine and Sora promised each other that they will meet again, soon. Ultimately, Sora, Goofy, King Mickey, and Donald Duck found a way to defeat Marluxia, thus freeing Namine in the process.

The gameplay of the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a little bit different than its predecessors. This Nintendo Gameboy Advance game uses an isometric interface where you will be presented with 3 cards.

These 3 cards hold special abilities for Sora to use against the enemy. You can freely move around the battlefield while the 3 cards are shuffled. Wait for it to be ready and you can perform an attack that is specific to the card being used at that time.

The Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories game is surprisingly fun despite its graphical downgrade (considering it was originally a 3D game franchise). The story is compelling and a lot of people agree that this is one of the best Kingdom Hearts games in the franchise.

If you have a Nintendo Gameboy Advance, don’t forget to try this game out.

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