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November 21, 2015 at 5:49 am
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League of Legends is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This game is inspired by Defense of the Ancients, or DoTA, which is a mod for the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.

League of Legends is just like Heroes of the Storm, with a few key differences. First, you gain item and experience per champion, which means that you gain levels on your own, as opposed to the team-based level up scheme in Heroes of the Storm.

Second, microtransactions are quite different in League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm. In HoTs, you buy costumes, characters, and stim packs for improved experience gain. But on League of Legends, you can buy not only costumes, but also items that can enhance your gameplay. So bear that in mind.

league-of-legendsLeague of Legends is a 5-on-5 team battle wherein you need to break through the enemy’s defenses and break their Nexus. This is similar to the Heroes of the Storm’s Core.

You take control of a “Champion” or your hero. There are also four game modes you can choose from: Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss, and Crystal Scar. Each of them has intermediate objectives throughout the game that teams should accomplish to achieve a victory.

The Summoner’s rift is the most commonly played map. This is a three-lane map where minions spawn from time to time. Players should amass their team by destroying the Nexus of the opposing team. The first team to destroy the enemy’s base is the winner.

The Twisted Treeline is similar to that of the Summoner’s rift map with a few notable exceptions. There is a neutral place in the middle of the map called the Jungle, which contains altars that players and enemies can capture so that they can get certain stat boosts for the duration of the altar’s captivity.

The Howling Abyss also has the same objectives as the other two I’ve mentioned above, with the exception that it only has one central lane. Also, you cannot teleport back to base to replenish your HP or buy items.

The Crystal Scar game mode is unlike the previous three maps mentioned. The map’s objective is to capture strategic points and hold it for as long as possible. By capturing these, you can then start to earn points (although, the points scheme counts down, instead of accumulating up).The first team to reach 0 points will win the game.

The game has been widely received, mainly because of its resemblance to the already popular Defense of the Ancients. But, it did have a few perks on its own. Because of this, the League of Legends has a lot of different teams, and these teams compete in various esports tournaments.

Not only that, but a lot of money is at stake in these tournaments. Who says you can’t earn money by playing games? Most powerhouse teams come from Korea, China and some countries in Europe.

League of Legends is a truly enjoyable game. If you want to exercise your MOBA muscles, then this game is definitely a must play.

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