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September 29, 2014 at 8:08 pm
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When you’re contemplating buying a Nintendo 3DS, and owned an awesome Nintendo DS and DSi games system along with the R4 DS Card, you have likely been pretty used to being capable to enjoy your  totally free freeware and homebrew  game titles and applications. The reality is, most of us don’t want to get a new console due to the fact that they’ve come to depend on homebrew as some sort of way to obtain plenty of free game titles, programs and media functions of the y solution consoles on homebrew. Just like any new game console, it requires time for a quality solution to be presented from homebrew. And this is not allowed with Nintendo 3DS, The R4i is here.

The new R4I along with the R4 cards is considered one of the most popular card to be used, for both the Nintendo DSi and 3DS.With the new and improved Nintendo R4i cards for the 3DS,you will be able to enjoy DSi games and homebrew games on the older Nintendo portable consoles and can also play them on the Nintendo 3DS.What can you anticipate  to do with this new card? All that you have been able to done previously! The same amazing attributes are comprised and assembled right in to the R4i. You are able to enjoy full length films, play back videos which you can download from the web. Be entertained by your complete mp3 collection and read the greatest and latest eBooks – or old favorites that you wish to read once more.

It would seem that with every single new edition of the R4i, functions or additional features are added. The most recognizable one for the new R4i for Nintendo 3DS is the Wi-Fi upgrade feature that is new. This feature is something that will assist the inexperienced and experienced users equally when it comes time to upgrade their kernel editions, and has been a very long time coming. Using the brand new Wi-Fi upgrade, you download the newest firmware files and only link to any wireless connection. Experienced and inexperienced users will subsequently be mechanically upgraded on your R4i and you will be ready to continue playing.

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