Payment Gateway Integration

Your attractive website and quality products can attract a number of online customers, but for the successful completion of a sales process, many other features are needed in your e-Commerce site. A hassle-free payment mode which is safe and secure is the lookout of customers when they entrust you with their valuable money. That is why efficient payment gateway integration is required to give your online store more and more online businesses.

Why do you need Payment Gateway Integration?

  • It makes the buying or selling process complete.
  • It acts as a virtual point-of-sale terminal for web stores.
  • It is a tool that authorizes online payments.
  • It ensures security of transaction.
  • It is an accountable support and essence of any e-Commerce business.

TesolDesignz with an entirety of services in e-Commerce domain can provide a well-managed and intact business experience to the sellers and easy and simplistic shopping experience to the customers with its reliable payment gateway integration services. Our experts with hands-on experience in the filed can guide you on choosing the right payment gateway for your business websites, e-Commerce site, shopping cart, and other applications.

Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration:

  • Real time payment
  • Safe and secure over net
  • Cost effective solution for money transaction
  • Easy to install
  • Fast processing
  • Instant information availability
  • Online payment receipt
  • Entire transaction history available on net

We are supported well with skilled professionals to spot the right technique that best suits your business requirement. For the most cost effective and flawless payment gateway integration, feel free to contact us immediately. Seek our FREE consultant advice and ask for a quote, NOW!