SEM – Maximize conversions with our smart PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management Services

Among all the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques, PPC is a fast and effective way of generating relevant traffic to your website while driving enquiries and leads. But managing a productive PPC advertising campaign is a not that easy and requires time and skills. So the key to your success lies in choosing experienced and proven PPC company that can give you assured results and profitable ROI.

With over 8 years of experience, Designz Plaza offers completely managed PPC service ensuring every rupee of your budget is productively spent.

Why go for PPC Campaign?

Instant traffic: Pay per click advertising can get you instant results after you set up your account. By outbidding your competitors, you are almost guaranteed a top position in search engines.

Targeted traffic: Controlling the keywords result in targeted traffic to your website. Control over cost and campaign: Bids can be placed as per your marketing goals and budget. You can have complete control on how much you want to pay for increased traffic.

Flexibility: Many of the bidding mechanisms are live which update the website’s ranking immediately. You can enjoy a better flexibility by tracking the performance and increasing the bids on slow day for subsequent hits.

PPC advertising is found to give remarkable conversion rates promoting any business. While it demystifies the optimization process, managing PPC campaign requires good deal of time and expertise. An experienced PPC campaign management team can offer you better ROI by choosing the right keyword to bid on, hence maximizing traffic and minimizing cost.

Reasons to choose Designz Plaza for PPC campaign:

  • Dynamic PPC campaign on Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Extensive experience in PPC landing page optimization.
  • Experienced copywriters who develop strong, keyword-rich content for PPC advertising.
  • Proven record of running successful PPC campaigns.
  • Accountable results to meet your specified parameter.
  • We not only work on increasing traffic and visitor conversion rate, we analyze complete website activities as well.

We generally recommend multi-channel internet marketing strategy, running a PPC campaign along with SEO to drive more conversions.

For expert PPC services talk to our Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, India on 040-23300827 or Request a quote now!