Remote Database Management

Any organization needs their database to be stable, up round the clock, and scalable to handle any unforeseen loads. Database downtime hits the business adversely and it gets difficult to find any trusted and reliable DBA support instantly. That is why continued management of critical databases by some experts is necessary.

There are no alternatives to experience, reliability, and skills when you entrust your critical database to someone.  Here we are, with the most relevant and best practices of database management to add value to your business. With our remote database management services, you not only get best returns on the investment, rather you also save on hiring expensive contract employees.

Designz Plaza remote database management services provide:

  • Database implementation and configuration
  • Database performance tuning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup and recovery
  • Timely database maintenance
  • 24×7 real time support

Benefits to you:

  • Remote monitoring and reporting
  • Early detection, analysis, and rectification of issues
  • Hands-on solutions
  • Emergency assistance
  • Support for all major database platforms
  • Best quality service at lesser rate
  • No hiring and employee responsibilities

Does it sound good? Talk to our team expert at Designz Plaza and know more about us.  Ask for a quote NOW!