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October 18, 2013 at 11:28 am
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Playing Nintendo games using the 3DS / 3DS XL console is splendid. But wait till you play tons of free games on your Nintendo console using the remarkable 3DS Flashcarts. Heavenly choir will excitedly burst into songs, unicorns will break from their mythological stables, blissful confetti will fall, and time will certainly freeze. You will gleefully play a plethora of classic games, as well as unlock Homebrews Applications. Think msn, e-books, mp3 music players, and videos et al.

Reasons Why 3DS Flashcarts Become a Favorite for Many

You save lots of precious hours and time. If you are a Nintendo buff you certainly are aware how expensive it can be to buy exceptional, classic Nintendo cartridge games. r4i-gold-3dsBut thankfully, 3DS Flashcarts makes it easier to play classic games while saving you precious amounts of dollars. A single classic Nintendo game cartridge costs approximately between $10 and $50. Conversely, you only need one of the many 3DS Flashcarts to play thousands of games freely.

They are highly reliable and convenient. Picture this: Your son truly loves to play Nintendo games on his 3DS / 3DS XL console. If you want to surprise him with say, 15 classic Nintendo games on his birthday, you will be forced to buy 15 game cartridges. What a waste. However, with the many3DS Flashcarts ROMs strewn online, you only need just one r4 3DS card and one Micro SD to store all the classic games you need. R4 3DS Flashcarts are simply convenient and reliable.

They grant you freedom, freedom, and more freedom.R4 3DS Flashcarts will simply grant you endless possibilities and limitless freedom, particularly when they grant you premium access to Homebrews Applications like e-books, mp3 music players, videos, msn, software applications and all other exceptional apps you can think of. R4 3DS card unlocks all these Homebrews applications to give you endless freedom to achieve what you want with your Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XLconsole.

Advantages of Using 3DS Flashcarts

Firstly, with 3DS Flashcarts, you are effusively guaranteed of playing all Nintendo classic games particularly if you have the 3DS / 3DS XL Nintendo consoles. Also, you are certain that the 3DS Flashcarts or rather r4 3DS cards have been updated with a powerful technology that makes them remain formidable for years on end.

You can equally play 3DS game backups on your console, thanks to r4 3DS excellent ability to save lots of games on your Micro SD. Do you love playing Nintendo games in different regions? With a single r4 3DS card in place, you can play all your Nintendo games wherever and whenever. Put another way, 3DS Flashcarts do not have a region lock. They are simply amazing.

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