To determine what the end users will receive

Attaining the quality management objectives is prime focus of every organization to present the end users products and services which are flawless and meet their requirements. We can help you in achieving that quality through our proven white box testing services using industry best practices.

White box testing can help you by improving code quality and preventing untested codes from reaching the end users. This testing process not only verifies the behavior of basic code, but also checks unexpected inputs which can crash the applications.

At Designz plaza, our experts ensure that all the codes undergoing testing must complete full code coverage techniques.

White box testing techniques:

  • Decision coverage
  • Multiple condition coverage
  • Path coverage
  • Function coverage
  • LCSAJ coverage
  • Data flow coverage
  • Loop coverage
  • Table coverage

Software testing is too critical for any software development project. Opt for a professional testing company to,

  • Prevent huge number of bugs per line of code
  • Prevent missed business deadlines
  • Prevent budget overruns

Negligence can lead to huge financial losses. Act now!

TesolDesignz offers software companies peace of mind by providing the best software testing services at economical rates. Our skilled team is well versed with the genre of software problems and assures you of software that meets your specifications and performance benchmark without any failure.

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